My name is Sonia Zorba, I'm 30.940387080946 years old and I live in the North East of Italy.

I always loved science and technology, I started watching the sky when I was 8 and in the meantime I discovered my passion for computer science.

Currently I'm working as a programmer at the Astronomical Observatory of Trieste.

I opened this site in 2005, to share my amateur astronomy experience. I'm no longer doing astrophotography but I still enjoy reading about astronomy and astronautics. At the moment I'm mainly focused on improving my programming skills and I'm always learning new things.

If you want to contact me you can use the following address:

People sometimes reach me on social networks. Feel free to add me but consider that I'm an introvert and I don't like very much to chat.

Sonia Zorba
Watching the solar eclipse with my cat Kirk, on 20th March 2015